MessageSender.OnSend Method

Allows concrete implementations to override (if needed) what should be done when sending messages in a synchronous manner.

Namespace:  Microsoft.ServiceBus.Messaging
Assembly:  Microsoft.ServiceBus.Messaging (in Microsoft.ServiceBus.Messaging.dll)


Protected Overridable Sub OnSend ( _
    messages As IEnumerable(Of BrokeredMessage), _
    timeout As TimeSpan _
Dim messages As IEnumerable(Of BrokeredMessage)
Dim timeout As TimeSpan

Me.OnSend(messages, timeout)
protected virtual void OnSend(
    IEnumerable<BrokeredMessage> messages,
    TimeSpan timeout
virtual void OnSend(
    IEnumerable<BrokeredMessage^>^ messages, 
    TimeSpan timeout
abstract OnSend : 
        messages:IEnumerable<BrokeredMessage> * 
        timeout:TimeSpan -> unit 
override OnSend : 
        messages:IEnumerable<BrokeredMessage> * 
        timeout:TimeSpan -> unit 
protected function OnSend(
    messages : IEnumerable<BrokeredMessage>, 
    timeout : TimeSpan


  • timeout
    Type: System.TimeSpan
    A client-side timeout value for the operation. The operation should be aborted or cancelled if the duration exceeds this timeout. Typically the timeout comes from OperationTimeout. OnSend(IEnumerable<BrokeredMessage>, TimeSpan) is equal to this.OnEndSend(this.OnBeginSend(messages, timeout, null, null));

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