MessageReceiver.BeginDefer Method (BrokeredMessage, AsyncCallback, Object)

Asynchronous version of the Defer() method. Begins a defer operation.

Namespace:  Microsoft.ServiceBus.Messaging
Assembly:  Microsoft.ServiceBus.Messaging (in Microsoft.ServiceBus.Messaging.dll)


Public Function BeginDefer ( _
    message As BrokeredMessage, _
    callback As AsyncCallback, _
    state As Object _
) As IAsyncResult
Dim instance As MessageReceiver
Dim message As BrokeredMessage
Dim callback As AsyncCallback
Dim state As Object
Dim returnValue As IAsyncResult

returnValue = instance.BeginDefer(message, _
    callback, state)
public IAsyncResult BeginDefer(
    BrokeredMessage message,
    AsyncCallback callback,
    Object state
IAsyncResult^ BeginDefer(
    BrokeredMessage^ message, 
    AsyncCallback^ callback, 
    Object^ state
member BeginDefer : 
        message:BrokeredMessage * 
        callback:AsyncCallback * 
        state:Object -> IAsyncResult 
public function BeginDefer(
    message : BrokeredMessage, 
    callback : AsyncCallback, 
    state : Object
) : IAsyncResult


  • state
    Type: System.Object
    A user-defined object that contains information about the receive operation. This object is passed to the EndDefer(IAsyncResult) delegate when the operation is complete.

Return Value

Type: System.IAsyncResult
An IAsyncResult object that references the asynchronously completed operation.

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