Tutorial: Create a custom simulated device

In this tutorial, you use Device Simulation to create a custom simulated device for use in simulations. To get started with Device Simulation, you can use one of the included sample simulated devices. You can also create custom simulated devices as described in this article. For more customization options, see Create an advanced device model.

In this tutorial, you:

  • View a list of your simulated device models
  • Create custom simulated device
  • Clone a device model
  • Delete a device model

If you don't have an Azure subscription, create a free account before you begin.


To follow this tutorial, you need a deployed instance of Device Simulation in your Azure subscription.

If you haven't deployed Device Simulation yet, see Device Simulation deployment on GitHub.

View your device models

Select Device models in the menu bar. The Device models page lists all the available device models in this instance of Device Simulation:

Device models

Create a device model

Click + Add Device Models in the top right corner of the page:

Add device model

In this tutorial, you create a simulated refrigerator that sends both temperature and humidity data.

Fill out the form with the following information:

Setting Value
Device model name Refrigerator
Model description A refrigerator with temperature and humidity sensors
Version 1.0


The device model name must be unique.

Click + Add data point to add data points for temperature and humidity with the following values:

Data Point Behavior Min Value Max Value Unit
Temperature Random -50 100 F
Humidity Random 0 100 %

Click Save to save the device model.

Create device model

Your refrigerator is now included in the list of device models. You may need to click Next to go to another page to see your refrigerator.

Clone a device model

Cloning a device model lets you create a copy of an existing device model. You can then edit the copy to meet your specific needs. Cloning saves time when you need to create similar device models.

To clone a device model, check the box next to the model and then click Clone in the action bar:

Screenshot that highlights the selected model and the Clone button.

Delete a device model

You can delete any custom device model. To delete a device model, check the box next to the model and then click Delete in the action bar:

Delete device model

Next steps

In this tutorial, you learned how to create, clone, and delete a custom device models. To learn more about device models, see the following how-to article: