AccountOperationsExtensions.DeleteAsync Method (IAccountOperations, String, String, CancellationToken)


Deletes the specified Batch account.

Namespace:   Microsoft.Azure.Management.Batch
Assembly:  Microsoft.Azure.Management.Batch (in Microsoft.Azure.Management.Batch.dll)


public static Task DeleteAsync(
    this IAccountOperations operations,
    string resourceGroupName,
    string accountName,
    CancellationToken cancellationToken = null
static Task^ DeleteAsync(
    IAccountOperations^ operations,
    String^ resourceGroupName,
    String^ accountName,
    CancellationToken cancellationToken = null
static member DeleteAsync : 
        operations:IAccountOperations *
        resourceGroupName:string *
        accountName:string *
        cancellationToken:CancellationToken = null -> Task
Public Shared Function DeleteAsync (
    operations As IAccountOperations,
    resourceGroupName As String,
    accountName As String,
    cancellationToken As CancellationToken
) As Task


  • resourceGroupName
    Type: System.String

    The name of the resource group that contains the Batch account to be deleted.

  • accountName
    Type: System.String

    The name of the account to be deleted.

Return Value

Type: System.Threading.Tasks.Task

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