Get GetBoundGatewayDatasources


Request | Response

The Get GetBoundGatewayDatasources operation returns a JSON object which represents list of GatewayDatasource objects. Use this API to determine which Gateway the dataset is bound to.

Note To call this operation, an app token or key is required. To learn more, see Authenticating and authorizing with Power BI Workspace Collections.



Uri parameter

Name Description
collectionName The workspace collection name
workspaceId The workspace id
datasetKey The dataset key


Status code

Code Description
200 OK. Indicates success. The dataset is returned in the response body.



Body schema

"@odata.context": "{workspaceName}/workspaces/{workspaceId}/datasets/{datasetKey}/$metadata#datasources","value":[  
GatewayDatasource {  
    id: string  
    gatewayId:  string  
    datasourceType: string  
    connectionDetails:  string  
    credentialType: string  
    basicCredentials: BasicCredentials {  
        username: string  
        password: string  

Body example

  "@odata.context": "$metadata#gatewayDatasources",  
  "value": [  
      "id": "849",  
      "gatewayId": "17",  
      "datasourceType": "Sql",  
      "connectionDetails": "{\"server\":\"\",\"database\":\"sample2\"}"