Operation resource for export jobs



Request URL is the URL returned in Azure-AsyncOperation header of restore operation.

Method Request URI HTTP Version
GET https://<VaultUrl>/operationsStatus/{operationId}?api-version=<api-version> HTTP/1.1

Request Header:

Common request headers are described here.

Request Body:



The response includes an HTTP status code, common GET response headers, and a response body.

Response Header:

Common response headers are described here.

Response Body:

Operation resource for the restore operation (additional metadata gets added when the operation completes).

Example Response for Operation Resource:

  "id": "/Subscriptions/{id}/resourceGroups/{groupName}/providers/Microsoft.RecoveryServices/vaults/{vaultName}/operationsStatus/689419f6-38c6-494d-b143-543c64a1f243",
  "name": "689419f6-38c6-494d-b143-543c64a1f243",
  "status": "Succeeded",
  "startTime": "2015-12-01T12:27:32.5552519Z",
  "endTime": "2015-12-01T12:27:32.5552519Z",
  "properties": {
      "blobUrl": "{blob url}",
      "blobSasKey": "{sas key}",