What's New in Naming Conventions for Windows Mobile 6


With the introduction of Windows Mobile 6, the SKU taxonomy and naming has been changed to better align the brand and products with the realities of today’s mobile device marketplace. The historical form-factor based distinction between Smartphone and Pocket PC Phone Edition is blurring dramatically, and the goal is to update terminology to evolve to better reflect the evolution of the mobile device industry.

The table below summarizes the changes:

Previous Categories New Categories

Windows Mobile for Pocket PC

Windows Mobile Classic

Windows Mobile for Pocket PC Phone Edition

Windows Mobile Professional

Windows Mobile for Smartphone

Windows Mobile Standard

**The Windows Mobile SDKs reflects these changes in the naming of "Project Templates" and "Emulator Images".


Developers should refer to these new names in all instructions, packaging and advertising to ensure a consistent naming convention is presented to end users.


References to the older naming conventions may still appear in this release of the developer documentation.

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