Battery Status

Windows Mobile SupportedWindows Embedded CE Not Supported


This code sample is named battstat. It demonstrates how to use the State and Notification Broker APIs to get notified of the battery strength.

Feature Area

State and Notifications Broker

Relevant APIs

RegistryGetDWORD function

RegistryNotifyWindow function

RegistryNotifyCallback function

RegistryNotifyApp function

To run the code sample

  1. Navigate to the solution file (*.sln), and double-click it. By default, the solution file is copied to the following folder:

    C:\Program Files\Windows Mobile 6 SDK\Samples\PocketPC\CPP\win32\battstat

    Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 launches and loads the solution.

  2. Build the solution (Ctrl+Shift+B).

  3. Deploy the solution (F5).

Development Environments

SDK: Windows Mobile 6 Professional SDK and Windows Mobile 6 Standard SDK

Development Environment: Visual Studio 2005.

ActiveSync: VersionĀ 4.5.

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