Texture Conversion Tool (Texconv.exe)

A command line tool that converts textures between the following formats: BMP, DDS, JPEG, HDR, PFM or PNG.

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Direct3D 9 Direct3D 10 64-bit Native Mode Windows XP Windows Vista








The executable file, Texconv.exe, is in the following platform-dependent locations:

Item Description


DirectX SDK root\Utilities\Bin\x86


DirectX SDK root\Utilities\Bin\x64



Texconv.exe uses the following command syntax:

texconv [-w number] [-h number] [-d number] [-m number] [-f format] [-if filter] [-mf filter] [-c color] [-srgbi] [-srgbo] [-px string] [-sx string] [-o directory] [-ft file-type] [-nologo] file-name

The file-name parameter indicates the file to convert.

The optional command-line switches are described in the following table.

Optional Switches Description
-c   color Colorkey value. Wherever this color appears in the source texture it is replaced with a transparent black value (0x000000) in the output texture. If an alpha channel is present in the output texture, this makes the specified color transparent. If no alpha channel is present it is changed to black. When specifying this color, always include an alpha value (use FF if the color is opaque). For example, -c FFFE02A5 sets the colorkey value to a solid magenta.
-d   number Depth of the output texture. This setting applies only to volume textures.
-f   format Output format. Use any of the formats in D3DFORMAT without the D3DFMT_ prefix (except: D3DFMT_MULTI2_ARGB8).
-ft   file-type A file type for the output texture. Use one of the following: bmp, dds, jpg, hdr, pfm, png, or tga. The default value is dds.
-h   number Height of the output texture in pixels.
-w   number Width of the output texture in pixels.
-if   filter Image filter. Use one of the following: NONE, POINT, LINEAR, TRIANGLE, BOX, NONE_DITHER, POINT_DITHER, LINEAR_DITHER, TRIANGLE_DITHER, or BOX_DITHER. Filters with DITHER in their name indicate that a 4×4 ordered dither algorithm is also applied. See D3DX_FILTER for descriptions of the filters.
-m   number Number of mipmap levels to generate in the output texture. This setting only applies to DDS output. For more information, see Texture Filtering with Mipmaps (Direct3D 9).
-mf   filter Mipmap filter value described in D3DX_FILTER.
-o   directory Output directory.
-px   string Text string to attach to the front of the resulting texture's name.

-srgbi or


Use -sRGBi to indicate that the input data is in the sRGB (gamma 2.2) color format. Use -sRGBo to indicate that the output data should be in sRGB color format.
-sx   string Text string to attach to the end of the resulting texture's name.
-nologo Suppress copyright message.




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Build date: 3/11/2010