IUrlAccessor2::GetSecurityDescriptor Method

Gets the security descriptor for the URL item.


HRESULT GetSecurityDescriptor(      
    BYTE *pSD,
    DWORD dwSize,
    DWORD *pdwLength


  • pSD
    [out]  Returns a pointer to the security descriptor.
  • dwSize
    [in]  Size in TCHARs of pSD array.
  • pdwLength
    [out]  Returns a pointer to the number of TCHARs written to pSD not including NULL.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if successful, or an error value otherwise.


Gets the security information associated with the URL item. Security is applied at query time, so only security for read access is of interest here.

If this method is not implemented, the item will be retrievable by all user queries. This method also allows custom mappings between users registered to a content source and those users registered on the domain, if they are different. Security descriptors created in this method must be self-relative.