ISearchCrawlScopeManager::GetParentScopeVersionId Method

Gets the version ID of the parent inclusion URL.


HRESULT GetParentScopeVersionId(      
    LPCWSTR pszUrl,
    LONG *plScopeId


  • pszUrl
    [in] A string containing the current URL.
  • plScopeId
    [out] Returns a pointer to the version ID of the parent inclusion URL.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if successful, or an error value otherwise.


Use this method to determine if the indexer is aware of a change in a data store or scope (e.g., a data store is removed and then re-added to the index), potentially requiring a new push of the hierarchical parent of the store's URL.

This ID will most likely change if a scope rule is removed and then added back. This method returns S_FALSE if no parent inclusion URL was found.