LINQ to SQL Walkthroughs

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This first table lists LINQ to SQL walkthroughs that are designed to help you get started with the LINQ to SQL technology. For more information, see Getting Started (LINQ to SQL)


Visual Basic


Create an entity class and execute a simple query.

Walkthrough: Simple Object Model and Query (Visual Basic) (LINQ to SQL)

Walkthrough: Simple Object Model and Query (C#) (LINQ to SQL)

Add a second class and execute a more complex query.

(Requires completion of previous walkthrough).

Walkthrough: Querying Across Relationships (Visual Basic) (LINQ to SQL)

Walkthrough: Querying Across Relationships (C#) (LINQ to SQL)

Add, change, and delete items in the database.

Walkthrough: Manipulating Data (Visual Basic) (LINQ to SQL)

Walkthrough: Manipulating Data (C#) (LINQ to SQL)

Use stored procedures.

Walkthrough: Using Only Stored Procedures (Visual Basic) (LINQ to SQL)

Walkthrough: Using Only Stored Procedures (C#) (LINQ to SQL)

The following table lists additional walkthroughs.



Walkthrough: Creating LINQ to SQL Classes (O/R Designer)

Provides an end-to-end scenario for creating entity classes mapped to a database. Includes displaying data, binding data to a LINQ query, and overriding default logic.

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