Connection Manager


Connection Manager manages network connections for CellCore-enabled devices, regardless of the service provider used for establishing the connection. Connection Manager provides a fast and transparent way of making connection choices for an application. Users do not have to know which connection path is chosen, yet they can be assured that the most optimal path is used all the time.

Connection Manager handles many different types of connections, including connections using Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP), Remote Access Service (RAS), and Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP). The manager can also configure proxy server settings to allow network resources through a firewall or Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) gateway.

CellCore-enabled devices can access many types of data networks, such as the Internet or a corporate network. A device can connect to each of these networks through multiple connection paths. The choice of path for a particular connection depends on cost, security, and specific network considerations for the client application..

In This Section

  • CellCore
    CellCore is a set of services that enables you to create wireless-connection oriented services on your device. This set includes the Radio Interface Layer (RIL), Short Message Service (SMS) support, Wireless Application Protocol Support (WAP), an Extended TAPI and TSP, Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card support, AT Command Interpreter (ATCI) and a Connection Manager.