Appendix C: Deploying

During the Deploying Phase, the team deploys the solution and ensures that it is stable and usable. The Deploying Phase culminates in the Deployment Complete Milestone, at which point responsibility for the solution shifts to the operations and support teams.

The key tasks comprised by the Deploying Phase include:

  • Deploying core technology. Based on the plans and procedures developed in the Planning Phase, install, configure, and test deployment servers at each location. Also, train administration staff in preparation for deployment.

  • Deploying sites. Teams perform the deployment of Windows and the 2007¬†Office system at each site using the procedures and resources developed during the Planning and Building Phases. Team members remain on site to stabilize each site deployment, ensuring that users can move forward with reliable systems and applications and that the goals of the deployment plan for the site have been met.

  • Stabilizing the deployment. At this key step, the Deployment feature team ensures stabilization across all sites and addresses any remaining deployment issues.

  • Completing the deployment. This step marks the transition from deployment to operations and support. Ongoing operations are transitioned from the Deployment feature team to permanent staff. Reporting systems are activated, and troubleshooting and support processes are made fully operational.


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