Customizing Deployment Based on the Chassis Type

You can customize your deployment based on the chassis type of the computer (such as portable computer, desktop computer, or server). The scripts create local variables that can be processed in the CustomSettings.ini file. The local variables IsLaptop, IsDesktop, and IsServer indicate whether the computer is a laptop, desktop, or server, respectively.

Note   In previous versions of BDD, the IsServer flag indicated that the existing operating system is a server operating system (such as Microsoft Windows Server® 2003, Enterprise Edition). This flag has been renamed to IsServerOS.

The method for implementing these variables in the CustomSettings.ini file is as follows:

  1. In the [Settings] section, on the Priority line, add a custom section to customize deployment based on the chassis type (ByType in the example in Listing 13).

  2. Create the custom section that corresponds to the custom section defined in step 1 ([ByType] in the example in Listing 13).

  3. Define a subsection for each of the chassis types that you want to detect (Subsection=Laptop-%IsLaptop%, Subsection=Desktop-%IsDesktop%, Subsection=Server-%IsServer% in the example in Listing 13).

  4. Create a subsection for each True and False state of each subsection defined in step 3 (such as [Laptop-True], [Laptop-False], [Desktop-True], [Desktop-False] in the example in Listing 13)

  5. Under each True and False subsection, add the appropriate settings based on the chassis type.

    Listing 13. Example of Customizing Deployment Based on Chassis Type in the CustomSettings.ini File


Priority=MACAddress, DefaultGateway, ByType, Default     .     .     . [ByType] Subsection=Laptop-%IsLaptop% Subsection=Desktop-%IsDesktop% Subsection=Server-%IsServer%     .     .     . [Laptop-True]     .     .     . [Laptop-False]     .     .     . [Desktop-True]     .     .     . [Desktop-False]     .     .     . [Server-True]     .     .     . [Server-False]     .     .     .


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