Event Review: Microsoft Virtual PC Overview (Session TNT1-103)

This session looks at Microsoft Virtual PC 2004—its key features, benefits, requirements, and some usage scenarios. The session explores how virtualization works and covers Virtual PC Console use, as well as integration between host operating system (OS) and guest OS. Disks will also be covered, including how to upgrade from the Connectix version of the product, as well as how to create differencing disks.

Session Agenda

  • Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 Features
  • Using Microsoft Virtual PC 2004
  • Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 Advanced Features
  • Virtual Machine Additions
  • Upgrading Connectix Hard Disks

Session Media

This session consists of a Windows Media presentation and demonstrations:

Download the full session
Download the full multimedia recording of this session.

Demo: Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 Features
This demonstration shows how to create a virtual machine using Microsoft Virtual PC 2004, how to review virtual machine settings, and how to run a virtual machine on the host computer.

Demo: Using Microsoft Virtual PC 2004
This demonstration shows how to install Virtual Machine Additions and illustrates how they improve virtual machine integration. Advanced features, such as network settings, undo disks, and shutdown options, are also covered.

Demo: Upgrading Connectix Virtual Hard Disks 
This demonstration shows how to upgrade a Connectix virtual hard disk to Microsoft Virtual PC 2004.

Demo: Differencing Hard Disks  
In this demonstration, differencing hard disks is explained, and you’ll see how to create a differencing hard disk from a parent virtual hard disk.

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