Microsoft.Webstore.JobEngine Namespace

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Class Description
AssemblyInformation Information about worker assembly
JCArguments JCArguments
JE JobEngine class
JEException JEException
Job Implements the IJob interface
JobFrameworkEngineCategoryInstaller Category installer for the JobFramework event source.
JobFrameworkEngineEvents Events in the JobFrameworkEngine module.
JobStepProperties Impelements the IJobStepProperties
JobStepWorker JobStepWorker is the base class from which a worker should derive from. It has the implementation of the keep alive timer
PartitionException PartitionException
PartitionQueue PartitionQueue
PartitionSet PartitionSet class
RoundRobinMachineSelector Round robin machine selector class
ThreadPoolThrottle A wrapper around the System Thread Pool. We place a semaphore so that we can limit the number of work items


Interface Description
IASyncExecuteBatch IASyncExecuteBatch
IASyncExecuteBatchMonitor IASyncExecuteBatchMonitor
IJob IJob
IJobAgent IJobAgent
IJobEngine IJobEngine
IJobStep One step of a job - executed sequentially
IJobStepProperties JobStep properties
IMachineSelector Returns an iterator of machines through a machine class - Machines do not have to be returned only once
IPartition An IPartition is located on a single machine. If it is a dynamic partition and it has split Machine should throw a PartitionException and the JE will call Repartition
IPartitionSet An enumerable set of Ipartition


Structure Description
RetrySettings Max number of retries and delay between retries
RunParams RunParams struct


Delegate Description
ExecuteBatchDelegate Execute batch delegate
JE.Start The start function delegate
PartitionMapping PartitionMapping


Enumeration Description
BatchOption Do we batch the work based on the input partitions, the output partitions or not at all?
JobExecutionStatus Enum used to update job status in db
LocationType Determines where the workers are spawned
StepType Type of job step