Windows Media Player OCX Control 7.0 Supported Interfaces

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This section documents the COM interfaces exposed by the Windows Media Player ActiveX control and the Windows Media Player Mobile ActiveX control.

The accessor methods of the IWMPCore or IWMPPlayer interface are used to retrieve specific interfaces. These interfaces, in turn, may have accessor methods for retrieving further interfaces. Calling QueryInterface on one of these interfaces is only necessary when you retrieve the base version of an interface and want to call a method on a later version of the same interface.

The Windows Media Player control exposes the following interfaces.

Interface Description

IWMPControls Interface

Represents the transport controls of Windows Media Player, such as Play, Stop, and Pause.

IWMPControls3 Interface

Provides additional control methods.

IWMPCore Interface

Retrieves pointers to other interfaces and accesses basic features of the control. This is the root interface for the Windows Media Player object model.

IWMPError Interface

Accesses a collection of IWMPErrorItem pointers.

IWMPErrorItem Interface

Provides information about errors.

IWMPEvents Interface

Exposes events that originate from the Windows Media Player control to which an embedding program can respond.

IWMPMedia Interface

Sets and retrieves the properties of a media item.

IWMPPlayer Interface

Controls the behavior of the Windows Media Player control user interface.

IWMPPlaylist Interface

Creates and manages playlists.

IWMPSettings Interface

Sets or retrieves Windows Media Player settings.

IWMPSettings2 Interface

Sets or retrieves Windows Media Player settings.

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