Microsoft.Webstore.MetaData Namespace

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Class Description
ConfigCacheChangedEventArgs The event arguments for the WebstoreConfigCacheChanged event
FailSafeSetKey Partition key
FailSafeSetRange A range of keys between a low key and a high key
WebstoreAction Gives information about the action in the WstConfig database
WebstoreActionCollection Collection of Actions in a WstConfig database.
WebstoreAlertCondition Gives information about the conditions for the alert rule This is used by the monitoring agent.
WebstoreAlertConditionCollection Collection of alert rule conditions in a WstConfig database.
WebstoreAlertProcess Gives information about the alert process in the WstConfig database
WebstoreAlertProcessCollection Collection of alert process in a WstConfig database.
WebstoreAlertRule Gives information about the rule for an Alert generation. This is used by the monitoring agent.
WebstoreCluster WebstoreCluster
WebstoreClusterCollection Collection of WebstoreCluster objects
WebstoreCollectionBase base class for all Wmo collections.
WebstoreConfig Summary description for WebstoreConfig.
WebstoreDatabase Gives all the information needed to identify this database. Information includes - DeploymentUID, FailsafesetNumber, Status, Role etc. It also publishes events which get generated after a Status or Role change of the database.
WebstoreDatabaseCollection The collection of Fileshares in a FileFailsafeset.
WebstoreDataPartition Stores information about a single Data Partition.
WebstoreDataPartitionCollection Collection of dataPartitions.
WebstoreDeployment This class represents a Wmo deployment and its associated properties.
WebstoreDeploymentCollection This class holds collection of deployments represented in the WstConfig
WebstoreEnvironmentSettings This class holds the environmen settings.
WebstoreErrorHelper Error Helper for getting string resources, IDs and names.
WebstoreEventArgs An object of this type is passed to the CollectionChangedEventHandler
WebstoreException class for WebstoreException
WebstoreFileshare Represents file share information
WebstoreFileshareCollection The collection of Fileshares in a FileFailsafeset.
WebstoreFileshareFss Represents a Fileshare Failsafeset.
WebstoreFileshareFssCollection The collection of Fileshare Failsafesets.
WebstoreGuidCollection The WebstoreGuidCollection
WebstoreKeyedCollection WebstoreKeyedCollection
WebstoreManifest Webstore manifest class
WebstoreManifestCollection The WebstoreManifestCollection
WebstoreMetaData The class that exposes all the the Webstore MetaData.
WebstoreMetadataCategoryInstaller Category installer for the WebstoreMetadata event source.
WebstoreMetadataEvents Events in the WebstoreMetadata module.
WebstoreMonitoredDatum Information about the MonitoredDatum. This is used by the monitoring agent.
WebstoreMonitoringProperty WebstoreMonitoringProperty
WebstoreMonitoringPropertyCollection Collection of servers in a WstConfig database.
WebstoreObject All Wmo classes derive from this class.
WebstoreProcessAction ProcessAction
WebstoreProcessActionCollection Collection of process actions in a WstConfig database.
WebstoreResource Represents a Webstore resource. Forms the base class for WMODatabase and WMOFileshare classes.
WebstoreResourceCollectionBase Forms the base class for Resource collections. The WmoDatabaseCollection and the WmoFileshareCollection derive from this.
WebstoreResourceFss Represents a Webstore resource Failsafeset. Forms the base class for WMOSQLFss and WMOFileshareFss classes.
WebstoreResourceFssCollection WebstoreResourceFssCollection
WebstoreSelfAdminInfo The instance of this class provides all information that is needed by the Monitoring agent and the self healing agent.
WebstoreSelfAdminInfoObjectBase Guid Keyed item base class
WebstoreSelfAdminInfoObjectsCollection WebstoreSelfAdminInfoObjectsCollection
WebstoreServer Gives information about the server in the WstConfig database
WebstoreServerCollection Collection of servers in a WstConfig database.
WebstoreServerRole Webstore manifest class
WebstoreServerRoleCollection The WebstoreServerRoleCollection
WebstoreSetting Stores an individual settings.
WebstoreSettings Stores the Webstore settings for a given object
WebstoreSQLFss Gives information about the SQLFSS in the deployment
WebstoreSQLFssCollection The collection of SQL Failsafesets.
WebstoreStringCollection The WebstoreStringCollection
WebstoreUserSettings The user settings class
WmoEnumerator This class implements the IEnumerator over a WebstoreKeyedCollection in support of the "foreach" keyword


Delegate Description
CollectionChangedEventHandler Delegate for CollectionChangedEventHandler
ConfigCacheChangedEventHandler Delegate for the Webstore Config cache changed event
DeploymentPropertiesChangedEventHandler Delegate for DeploymentPropertiesUpdated
EnvironmentChangedEventHandler Delegate for the EnvironmentChanged event
SettingsChangedEventHandler Delegate for the SettingsChanged event


Enumeration Description
ConfigCacheChangedAction This action defines, what happened to the config cache
WebstoreChangeAction The Action enum that forms part of WebstoreEventArgs
WebstoreDataPartitionStatus The enumerator for datapartition status
WebstoreFailoverMode Enumerates the different failover modes the client library uses.
WebstoreFssStatus The Status of a Resource FSS.
WebstorePartitionType What type of partition.
WebstoreResourceRole Enumerates the different Roles a database can have
WebstoreResourceStatus Enumerates the different Statuses a database can have
WebstoreResourceType The type of the resource