$LogFile Options

The following table shows the options for the $LogFile device type.

Option Syntax Description
file file=somefilename File name. By default, this option will be the name of the executible file (.exe) with the .wtl extension.
If you want to specify the full path name, you need to escape the file name with double-quote (for example, file="c:\temp\myxmllog.xml").
Maxsize Maxsize=someinteger Maximum file size, in bytes. If Writemode does not equal overwrite, Maxsize is ignored.
encoding encoding=[ANSI|UNICODE] Encoding scheme of the file.
Default = ANSI
InRollup InRollup=[true|false] Specifies whether the file will be added to the list of log files in DTM EA/Logger rollup file.
Default = false
Shared Shared=[true|false] Specifies whether the log file is shared between more than one process. This option introduces a minor performance degradation. The log file is always open/created with shared access level in the operating system.
Default = false
Compressed Compressed=[true|false] Specifies whether the log file is compressed.
Default = true if the file is created on an NTFS volume.
Encrypted Encrypted=[true|false] Specifies whether the log file needs to be encrypted.
Default = false
CRC CRC=[true|false] Specifies whether the log file needs to include a Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) at the end.
Default = false
Writemode Writemode=[overwrite|append] How the log file should be opened.
Default = append
Nofscache Nofscache=[true|false] Specifies whether the file system cache needs to be turned off.
Default = false

Warning  If this option is specified, logging will become extremely slow.

XSLT XSLT=some_XSLT_file_name XSLT file that will be used as an XML style sheet for this log file.
Default = null
This option adds an xml-stylesheet element to the log file.

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Built on December 10, 2009