Logging in DTM

DTM Logger is an XML-based logging tool for the Driver Test Manager (DTM). This tool is designed around a publisher-subscriber model—also known as a producer-consumer model—in which output is made available to all interested parties and can be retrieved at their convenience. This model enables asynchronous interaction with log data. DTM Logger can send output to multiple interfaces simultaneously, such as to a file, the console, and a debugger. You can also extend DTM Logger to accommodate your needs, such as outputting to an encrypted log file.

Changes in WTT 2.1

The rollup information in DTM Studio that the job or task reports now includes the out-of-context error, blocked, warned, and skipped traces.

This section includes:

Introduction to DTM Logger

Getting Started with DTM Logger

Code Samples for DTM Logger

DTM Logger Troubleshooting

DTM Logger Reference

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Built on December 10, 2009