CComBSTR::operator ==


Compares a CComBSTR with a string. CComBSTRs are compared textually in the context of the user's default locale.


      bool operator ==(
   const CComBSTR& bstrSrc 
) const throw( );
bool operator ==(
   LPCOLESTR pszSrc 
) const;
bool operator ==(
   LPCSTR pszSrc 
) const;
bool operator ==(
   int nNull 
) const throw( );


  • bstrSrc
    [in] A CComBSTR object.

  • pszSrc
    [in] A zero-terminated string.

  • nNull
    [in] Must be NULL.

Return Value

Returns true if the item being compared is equal to the CComBSTR object; otherwise, returns false.


The final comparison operator just compares the contained string against NULL.


Header: atlbase.h

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