Planning Commerce Server 2007 Migration

Before migrating to Commerce Server 2007, you must understand the changes to site resources, site data, and site code that are required to convert from an earlier version of Commerce Server. The Upgrade Wizard performs many of these changes, but you can streamline the process, and avoid troubleshooting if you understand what the Upgrade Wizard will upgrade and what it will leave as is.

This section starts with a question-and-answer section that addresses frequently asked migration questions and highlights various aspects of migration. This section also provides detailed information about what data the Upgrade Wizard will affect and an overview of API changes you will have to make to your site code after the migration. Information about packing and unpacking PuP files (.pup), and special considerations for Commerce Server 2002 Feature Pack 1 (FP1) users is also included.

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Commerce Server 2007 Migration