How to Place Recurring Orders

A Basket object represents a customer's order before the order has been placed. You can create recurring orders or wish lists by assigning a name to a Basket and enabling the customer to save the Basket without checking out. Later, you can retrieve the named Basket, add all the LineItem objects within the basket to a new Basket, and then check out the new Basket. By doing this, you can enable the customer to place the same order multiple times without having to re-create the contents of the Basket every time.


The named Basket that represents the recurring order and the new Basket that represents the current order must both belong to the same customer.

The following procedure describes how to create an order by using an existing named basket. For more information about how to create the named basket that contains the line items for the recurring order, see How to Add Items to a Basket.

To place a recurring order

  1. When the customer wants to place a recurring order, display all the customer's baskets, and ask the customer to select the basket that contains the items to be purchased.

  2. Create a new basket to represent the current order.

  3. Add the items from the basket for the recurring order to the new basket by calling the Add method of the new Basket.

  4. Either copy all the necessary information to process the order — such as the shipping address and payment information — from the recurring basket to the new basket, or collect this information from the customer.

  5. Check out the new basket.

    For more information about checking out a basket, see How to Check Out a Basket.

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