DefaultOrderSubTotalCy, DefaultOrderSubTotal

Use these components to calculate the subtotal for an order.

The DefaultOrderSubTotal component is for backward compatibility only. The DefaultOrderSubTotalCy component operates in Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition, Commerce Server 2000, and Commerce Server 2002 compatibility mode pipelines. For more information, see Currency Enhancements.

Intended use: Order Processing pipeline, Order Subtotal stage.

Configuration Values


Values Read

The DefaultOrderSubTotalCy component reads the following values from the indicated dictionaries. The DefaultOrderSubTotal component reads the same key but without cy_.

Key Dictionary Description
item._cy_oadjust_adjustedprice Order The total price of all the items after all the discounts have been applied.

Values Written

The DefaultOrderSubTotalCy component assigns a value to the following key in the Order dictionary. The DefaultOrderSubTotal component assigns to the same key but without cy_.

Key Description
_cy_oadjust_subtotal The subtotal of all the items.


The subtotal is calculated by summing the total cost for each item in the items SimpleList object in the OrderForm object.

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