Commerce Server Architecture

Microsoft Commerce Server 2002 provides a rich and extensible foundation for building sophisticated e-commerce applications that integrate with your existing back-end systems. Because the architecture is based on the Component Object Model (COM), it is easy to extend the platform by choosing from the large number of integrated third-party solutions available, or by having your site developers customize Commerce Server tools to meet your business needs.

Commerce Server 2002 includes the Commerce Server .NET Application Framework, which is an extension of the ASP.NET programming model. Developers can use this framework to create Commerce Server applications that use ASP.NET code to run Commerce Server services and systems. Commerce Server features and tools are available in Visual Studio .NET. For more information, see Commerce Server .NET Application Framework. For information about the International Retail site, see International Retail Site.

Commerce Server takes full advantage of Microsoft Windows 2000, including support for the Microsoft Active Directory service, and is optimized for use with other Microsoft® Windows Server Systems™.

This section provides an overview of the major components of the Commerce Server architecture.

This section contains:

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