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Commerce Server 2002 Online Books

Windows Server System Online Books complement the Microsoft Windows Server System product documentation by offering:

  • Customer-based integration stories that demonstrate how Microsoft customers are integrating Windows Server System into their enterprises in order to operate more efficiently and save money.
  • Scenario-based Windows Server System Development books whose comprehensive code examples demonstrate how you can use Windows Server System and their related APIs to create solutions to real-world business problems.
  • Task-based Windows Server System IT books that go beyond the boundaries of Help files and white papers to deliver comprehensive guidance on how to perform tasks such as planning, deployment, migration, and disaster recovery.

Scenario-Based Developer Books

  • Integrating Inventory Data with a Catalog System MSDN (November 2003, Online Book)

    Describes an inventory management solution for online businesses that use Microsoft Commerce Server 2002. The Inventory Data solution demonstrates how to develop pipeline components to integrate inventory data with the Commerce Server Product Catalog System. The book provides a customized Solution Site to use as a starting point, and shows developers how to code against the Inventory Data solution.

Task-Based IT Books

  • Troubleshooting Commerce Server Pipelines MSDN (September 2004, Online Book)

    Describes the basic features of Commerce Server pipelines and provides information about pipeline objects and components. The book explains how to troubleshoot and debug pipeline components and provides best practices recommendations for developing Commerce Server pipelines. Explains how to solve common pipeline problems, provides known issues and workarounds, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Windows Server System Online Books