Enabling Passport

The International Retail site will display the Microsoft Passport login if it detects that the Passport service is installed and correctly configured on the site.

You can install Passport using the following steps:

  1. Open Internet Explorer and browse to http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=6740.

  2. Download and install the Passport SDK (2.0+), and follow the online instructions to complete the licensing process.

  3. After you have completed the licensing process, you will receive an e-mail notification that contains your site id and the Passport Key Installer executable file, which contains the key for your site.

  4. Using the Passport Administration Utility from the Passport SDK, change the site ID and commit your changes.

  5. Use the Passport Administration Utility to set the cookie path to "/".

    If you are using ASP.NET, the Passport sign-out operation will fail if you do not set the cookie path to "/". Failing the sign-out operation creates a state where the user cannot browse your Web site after signing out.

  6. Run the Passport Key Installer executable file. The Passport Key Installer contains a number of command line parameters, including the following:

    • /addKey [/m machineName] [/s siteName]
    • /makeCurrent /t oldKeyValidTime [/m machineName] [/s siteName]
    • /showCurrent [/m machineName] [/s siteName]
    • /expire [/m machineName] [/s siteName]

    If, for example, your executable is named partner21273_2.exe:

    Type partner21273_2 /addKey /m <server>, replacing <server> with the name of the computer on which you are installing the key.

  7. Verify that Passport was successfully configured. You can either open the Passport example from the SDK or go to login.aspx page on the International Retail Site and verify that the Passport Sign-in link appears.


    • If Passport is improperly configured, the passport Sign-in link will not appear on the site. Check the Event Viewer for the following error message:

      Passport Manager is mis-configured: Error reading Passport crypto keys from registry.

More information about Microsoft Passport, including the Passport SDK and sample site code, can be found at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=6740.

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