Configuring a Typical Deployment

A typical deployment consists of a Web tier and a database tier. The Web tier consists of a single Web server, or multiple Web servers functioning as a cluster. The database tier consists of servers running SQL Server and Business Desk. Additionally, each tier may have domain controllers for authentication and DNS services.

For step-by-step instructions that walk you through a sample Commerce Server deployment that includes three firewalls, see "Deploying a Secure Site" on the Microsoft TechNet Web site, located at

The following figure illustrates the topology for a typical Commerce Server 2002 deployment.

Topology for typical Commerce Server 2002 deployments

The number of servers that you use in the deployment will depend on your performance requirements and targeted level of availability. To increase availability and performance, you can add servers to the Web, SQL Server, and Business Desk clusters.

This section guides you through the different phases of configuring a typical deployment.

This section contains:

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