Working with Pipelines

A Commerce Server 2002 pipeline is a software infrastructure that links one or more components and runs them in sequence. Microsoft Commerce Server 2002 uses this infrastructure to implement three pipeline models: the Order Processing pipeline (OPP), the Direct Mailer pipeline, and the Content Selection pipeline.

For information about troubleshooting Commerce Server pipelines, see the white paper, "Troubleshooting Commerce Server Pipelines", available at

This section contains:

  • Pipeline Basics. Describes the basic features of Commerce Server 2002 pipelines.
  • Pipeline Editor. Explains how to use the Pipeline Editor to create pipelines from templates, modify existing pipelines by changing properties, and create custom pipelines.
  • Order Processing Pipelines. Describes the various types of Commerce Server 2002 Order Processing pipelines and enhancements to those pipelines, and provides a reference to the stages and components in Order Processing pipelines.
  • Direct Mailer Pipeline. Describes the stages and components used in the Direct Mailer pipeline.
  • Content Selection Pipelines. Describes the stages and components in the Content Selection pipeline that are used for selecting ads, determining discounts, and adding personalization to pages.
  • Pooled Pipelines. Explains how to use pooled pipelines.
  • Building Pipeline Components. Explains how to build new pipeline components in both C++ and Microsoft Visual Basic.

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