Scripting DTS Tasks

Commerce Server Data Transformation Services (DTS) tasks import and change data in the Data Warehouse. You can run the DTS tasks by using SQL Server, or you can develop scripts to create and run the tasks through the command line.

In Commerce Server 2000, you could run the DTS tasks by using scripts, but you could not create DTS tasks and packages by using scripts because the parameters used by these tasks and packages were not exposed. This meant that site developers or system administrators had to manually create each package through SQL Server before they could script its automation.

In Commerce Server 2002, the parameters for the DTS tasks are exposed, so site developers or system administrators can automate creating and scheduling the DTS packages for each new client, minimizing the time needed to run all the tasks.

Each script creates a single package for each DTS task. Multiple tasks can be loaded into a single package. For more information about creating multi-task DTS packages, see SQL Server Help.

Certain DTS tasks extend the database tables during configuration and execution of the task. The SQL Server operations involved in extending the database tables require the user to be in the appropriate SQL role. For more information about user roles, see the SQL Server Books Online.

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