ToggleTask (client-side)

Use this routine to toggle the enabled/disabled state of a task, changing it from enabled to disabled, or from disabled to enabled. The button for the task reflects the changed state, dimming when disabled.


sub ToggleTask(sID)


  • sID
    A string identifier that matches the id attribute of the corresponding task element in the relevant module configuration file.

Return Value



This routine toggles the enabled/disabled state of the task by calling either the EnableTask routine or the DisableTask routine, depending on the current state.

This routine is only available after the taskbar has been inserted by calling either InsertTaskBar or InsertEditTaskBar.

This routine is available in the include file ActionPageUtil.asp.

To minimize the size of action page downloads, this routine is a wrapper function that calls a function with the same name in the file bizdesk.asp. The version in bizdesk.asp takes an additional parameter (oWindow) as its first parameter, and is called using the "parent." notation.

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