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The base class for SQL schema managers.

The SqlSchemaModel type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Protected method SqlSchemaModel Overloaded.



  Name Description
Public method AddAnnotation (Inherited from ModelStore.)
Public method AddCustomData Adds custom data. (Inherited from DataSchemaModel.)
Protected method ArePropertiesEqual (Overrides ModelStore.ArePropertiesEqual(IModelElement, IModelElement, PropertyClass, ModelComparerConfiguration).)
Public method BeginBatchUpdate (Overrides DataSchemaModel.BeginBatchUpdate().)
Protected method CleanupExternalProperty (Inherited from ModelStore.)
Public method CreateAnnotation Overloaded.
Public method CreateAnnotation<TAnnotation> (Inherited from ModelStore.)
Public method CreateElement Overloaded.
Public method CreateElement<TElement> (Inherited from ModelStore.)
Public method CreateElementHandle (Inherited from ModelStore.)
Protected method CreateExternalElement Overloaded. Creates an external element.
Protected method CreateExternalElement<TElement> Creates an external element. (Inherited from ModelStore.)
Protected method CreateExternalNamedElement Overloaded.
Protected method CreateExternalNamedElement<TElement> (Inherited from ModelStore.)
Public method CreateExternalReferenceParts (Inherited from ModelStore.)
Public method CreateIdentifier Overloaded.
Public method CreateIdentifierHandle (Inherited from ModelStore.)
Protected method CreateModelEventArgs Creates model event arguments. (Inherited from DataSchemaModel.)
Public method CreateNamedAnnotation Overloaded.
Public method CreateNamedAnnotation<TAnnotation> (Inherited from ModelStore.)
Public method CreateNamedElement Overloaded.
Public method CreateNamedElement<TElement> (Inherited from ModelStore.)
Protected method DeserializeExternalProperty (Overrides ModelStore.DeserializeExternalProperty(XmlReader, PropertyClass).)
Public method Dispose Overloaded.
Public method EndBatchUpdate (Overrides DataSchemaModel.EndBatchUpdate().)
Public method Equals Determines whether the specified Object is equal to the current Object. (Inherited from Object.)
Protected method Finalize (Inherited from ModelStore.)
Protected method FixupAfterDeserialization (Overrides ModelStore.FixupAfterDeserialization().)
Public method FreeElementHandle (Inherited from ModelStore.)
Public method FreeIdentifierHandle (Inherited from ModelStore.)
Public method GetAllAnnotations Overloaded.
Public method GetAnnotations Overloaded.
Public method GetAnnotationsIncludedInSerialization Gets a list of annotations included in the serialization. (Inherited from DataSchemaModel.)
Public method GetCustomData Overloaded. Gets custom data.
Public method GetElementHandleTarget (Inherited from ModelStore.)
Public method GetElementProcessingOperationsCount (Overrides DataSchemaModel.GetElementProcessingOperationsCount().)
Public method GetElements Overloaded. Returns a list of the elements in the store.
Public method GetElements<TElement> Overloaded.
Public method GetElementsCount Overloaded. Returns the number of elements in the store.
Protected method GetElementSource (Overrides DataSchemaModel.GetElementSource(IModelElement).)
Protected method GetExternalProperty<TProperty> (Overrides ModelStore.GetExternalProperty<TProperty>(IModelElement, PropertyClass).)
Public method GetExternalReferenceParts (Inherited from ModelStore.)
Public method GetHashCode Serves as a hash function for a particular type. (Inherited from Object.)
Public method GetIdentifier Overloaded. Gets the identifier from the model.
Public method GetIdentifierHandleTarget (Inherited from ModelStore.)
Public method GetObjectData (Overrides DataSchemaModel.GetObjectData(SerializationInfo, StreamingContext).)
Protected method GetRelationshipEntrySources (Overrides DataSchemaModel.GetRelationshipEntrySources(IModelRelationshipEntry).)
Public method GetType Gets the Type of the current instance. (Inherited from Object.)
Protected method InitializeReferenceConstructor (Overrides DataSchemaModel.InitializeReferenceConstructor(DataSchemaModelHeaderData, DataSchemaModelConstructor).)
Protected method InitializeValidator
Public method IsOwnedChildObjectType Returns whether the type is a SchemaBound child object.
Public methodStatic member IsOwnedObjectType Returns whether the type is a SchemaBound object.
Protected method LoadBuiltInsFromResource
Protected method MemberwiseClone Creates a shallow copy of the current Object. (Inherited from Object.)
Protected method OnCustomDataAdded (Overrides DataSchemaModel.OnCustomDataAdded(CustomSchemaData).)
Protected method OnCustomDataRemoved (Overrides DataSchemaModel.OnCustomDataRemoved(CustomSchemaData).)
Public method OnGetAnnotationsIncludedInSerialization (Overrides DataSchemaModel.OnGetAnnotationsIncludedInSerialization().)
Protected method OnModelElementChanged Called on model element change. (Inherited from DataSchemaModel.)
Public method OptimizeForInitialPopulation (Inherited from ModelStore.)
Public method OptimizeForQuery (Inherited from ModelStore.)
Protected method RaiseModelElementChanged (Inherited from ModelStore.)
Public method RegisterForController Registers for a model controller. (Inherited from DataSchemaModel.)
Public method RemoveAnnotation (Inherited from ModelStore.)
Public method RemoveCustomData Removes custom data. (Inherited from DataSchemaModel.)
Public method Resolve Overloaded.
Protected method SerializeExternalProperty (Overrides ModelStore.SerializeExternalProperty(XmlWriter, PropertyClass, Object).)
Protected method SetExternalProperty<TProperty> (Inherited from ModelStore.)
Public method TestWriteCount Tests the write count with the given value. (Inherited from ModelStore.)
Public method ToString Returns a String that represents the current Object. (Inherited from Object.)
Protected method ValidateWriteAccess Validates write access. (Inherited from DataSchemaModel.)
Protected method ValidReferenceTranslator Returns whether reference translator is valid. (Inherited from DataSchemaModel.)



  Name Description
Public fieldStatic member AnsiNulls_Category
Public fieldStatic member ClrAssembly_AssemblyName
Public fieldStatic member ClrAssembly_IsCheckingDataDisabled
Public fieldStatic member ClrAssembly_IsVisible
Public fieldStatic member ClrAssembly_Owner
Public fieldStatic member ClrAssembly_PermissionSet
Public fieldStatic member ClrAssembly_PermissionSetExternalAccess
Public fieldStatic member ClrAssembly_PermissionSetSafe
Public fieldStatic member ClrAssembly_PermissionSetUnsafe
Public fieldStatic member ClrAssemblyType
Public fieldStatic member CompatibilityMode_Category
Public fieldStatic member ModelCapability_Category
Public fieldStatic member PermissionsCategory
Public fieldStatic member PermissionsType
Public fieldStatic member QuotedIdentifier_Category
Public fieldStatic member XSD_RelationalSchema
Public fieldStatic member XSD_XMLSchemaCollectionName
Public fieldStatic member XSDType



  Name Description
Public property Capability
Public property Collation (Inherited from ModelStore.)
Public property ComparisonManager (Inherited from ModelStore.)
Protected property Controller Gets the model controller. (Inherited from DataSchemaModel.)
Public property DatabaseSchemaProvider Gets the database schema provider. (Inherited from DataSchemaModel.)
Public property ErrorManager Gets the error manager. (Inherited from DataSchemaModel.)
Public property IsDisposing (Inherited from ModelStore.)
Public property IsOptimizedForInsert (Inherited from ModelStore.)
Public property IsOptimizedForQuery (Inherited from ModelStore.)
Public property Schema (Inherited from ModelStore.)
Public property ScriptCache Gets the script cache. (Inherited from DataSchemaModel.)
Public property SqlDatabaseSchemaProvider
Protected property ValidationEnabled
Public property WriteCount Returns the value of the current write count. (Inherited from ModelStore.)



  Name Description
Public event ModelChanged (Inherited from ModelStore.)


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