Note  This topic is deprecated. It applies to Visual Basic 6.0. DirectShow is not supported for Visual Basic .NET or C#.

The GetVideoPaletteEntries method retrieves the palette colors for the video.

    StartIndex As Long,
    Entries As Long,
    ByRef Retrieved As Long,
    ByRef Palette As Long)


  • StartIndex
    Start index for the palette.

  • Entries
    Number of palette entries to retrieve.

  • Retrieved
    Variable that receives the number of entries returned in Palette.

  • Palette
    Variable that receives the palette entries. Set this parameter equal to the first element in an array of type Long. Treat the returned values as PALETTEENTRY structures.

Return Value

This method does not return a value.


The method fails if no palette is available. This can occur if the bit depth of the display is too high.


Dim Retrieved As Long, Palette(16) As Long
Dim blue As Byte, red As Byte, green As Byte
iVideo.GetVideoPaletteEntries 0, 16, Retrieved, Palette(0)
For i = 0 To Retrieved - 1
    red = Palette(i) And &HFF
    green = (Palette(i) And &HFF00&) / 256
    blue = (Palette(i) And &HFF0000) / 65536


Type Library

ActiveMovie control type library



See Also

IBasicVideo2 Object



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