VSIX Extension Schema Reference

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A VSIX manifest file describes the contents of a VSIX package This section details the schema requirements for a VSIX manifest.

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PackageManifest Element (Root Element, VSX Schema)

Defines the root element of a VSIX manifest, which contains installation information for a VSIX package.

The Identifier, Reference, and Content elements are children of this element.

Metadata Element (VSX Schema)

Contains the information that uniquely identifies the deployment package.

Installation Element (VSX Schema)

Contains specifications for the dependencies that the extension relies on.

Dependencies Element (VSX Schema)

Contains references to the installable components of the VSIX package.



Visual Studio Extension Deployment

Explains the deployment process for Visual Studio extensions.

VSIX Language Pack Schema

The schema to use for publishing language packs.

Installing and Managing Visual Studio Tools and Extensions

Shows how to use Extension Manager to install, remove, enable, and disable extensions.

VSIX Project Template

Steps through the process of wrapping an extension in a VSIX package and then deploying the package.