This section contains samples that demonstrate scenarios that use workflow transactions in Windows Workflow Foundation (WF).

In This Section

Execute a Workflow in an Imperative TransactionScope
Demonstrates how to execute a workflow using WorkflowInvoker under a Transaction from imperative C# code.

Transaction Convoy Scope
Demonstrates how to create a Parallel Convoy messaging activity pattern in conjunction with a TransactedReceiveScope to model a protocol where a number of operations can happen in any order all under the same transaction.

Transaction Rollback
Demonstrates how to create a custom NativeActivity that accesses the ambient RuntimeTransactionHandle to get the ambient transaction and explicitly roll it back.

Suppress Transaction Scope
Demonstrates how to author a custom SuppressTransactionScope activity to suppress the ambient runtime transaction, if present.

Transacted Queues
Demonstrates how to integrate queues and transactions in WF to create reliable and scalable services.