Known Issues

Published: February 25, 2008   |   Updated: April 17, 2009


“Capture performance metrics” doesn’t work with computers in workgroup

The “Capture performance metrics” wizard may fail to collect computer performance counters in the following scenarios:

  • The computer running the MAP tool is not joined to a domain and is collecting performance data from other computers that may or may not be joined to a domain.
  • Regardless of whether the computer running the MAP tool is joined to a domain, performance data is being collected from computers that are not joined to a domain.

This issue is being investigated for a fix in the next version of the MAP tool. A workaround that is sometimes successful is to do a “net use \\computername\IPC$ /u:<adminuser>” from the computer running the MAP tool to each computer you wish to collect data from before running the MAP performance data collector. However, this may not work in all scenarios.

Some inventory types may fail in multi-domain scenarios

In scenarios where the MAP tool is run against computers that are in multiple DNS domains, some types of inventory may fail on computers that are not within the same domain as the computer running the MAP tool. Specifically, the SQL inventory functionality may fail even though base inventory (such as computer name or installed operating system) succeeds. This is due to a bug in MAP causing SQL inventory to be attempted using a computer’s host name without DNS suffix. A computer that has a fully qualified domain name of “” will have a connection attempted using just “hostname”. If the target computer is not in the same domain as the computer running MAP, then DNS name resolution will likely fail and the SQL inventory will fail.

To work around this issue, modify the DNS Suffix search list on the computer running MAP to add the domain names of the computers you wish to inventory. Note that if you have name collisions (two or more computers with the same hostname in different domains), then you will have to run the MAP tool multiple times with different DNS Suffix search lists in place to isolate the computers.

This issue will be addressed in the next release of the MAP tool.