Microsoft.Xaml.Interactivity Namespace


  Class Description
Public class ActionCollection Represents a collection of IActions.
Public class BehaviorCollection Represents a collection of IBehaviors with a shared AssociatedObject.
Public class BrandNames Provides various branding string values for Microsoft Visual Studio.
Public class CustomPropertyValueEditorAttribute Associates the given editor type with the property to which the CustomPropertyValueEditor is applied.
Public class DefaultEventAttribute Provides design tools information about which EventName to set for EventTriggerBehavior when instantiating an IAction.
Public class Interaction Defines a BehaviorCollection attached property and provides a method for executing an ActionCollection.
Public class TypeConstraintAttribute Specifies type constraints on the AssociatedObject of IBehavior.
Public class VisualStateUtilities Provides various standard operations for working with VisualStateManager.


  Interface Description
Public interface IAction Interface implemented by all custom actions.
Public interface IBehavior Interface implemented by all custom behaviors.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration CustomPropertyValueEditor Enumerates possible values for reusable property value editors.