How to: Use the X.509 Certificate Management Tools

Once you have one or more X.509 certificates, use the X.509 Certificate Tool (WseCertificate2.exe) and the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Certificates snap-in to manage them. The X.509 Certificate tool allows you to display details about X.509 certificates stored on the local computer and to set permissions on the files containing the keys for an X.509 certificate. The Certificates snap-in allows you to, among other tasks, import and export X.509 certificates on a local computer. For more details about the X.509 certificate tool, see X.509 Certificate Tool (WseCertificate2.exe).

To use the Certificates snap-in on a computer

  1. Click Start, and then click Run.

  2. In the Run box, type mmc, and then click OK.

  3. On the File menu, click Add/Remove Snap-in, and then click Add.

  4. Under Snap-in, double-click Certificates.

  5. Click My user account, and then click Finish.

    This allows you to manage certificates for the current user.

    Certificates – Current User appears on the list of selected snap-ins for the new console.

  6. Under Snap-in, double-click Certificates.

  7. Click Computer account, click Next, click Local computer, and then click Finish.

    This allows you to manage local computer certificates.

  8. Click Close, and thenclickOK.

  9. To save this console, on the File menu, click Save.

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