Microsoft.WindowsMobile.DirectX Namespace

This namespace provides Microsoft DirectX application programming for Pocket PCs, Smartphones, and other devices running Windows CE with the .NET Compact Framework. This namespace is required to implement the Microsoft.WindowsMobile.DirectX.Direct3D namespace.

Direct X provides the following:

  • Utility operations

  • Data storage with exception handling

  • Simple helper methods

  • Structures used for matrix, clipping plane, quaternion, and vector manipulation.


  Class Description
Public class DirectXException The exception that is thrown by Windows Mobile DirectX for Managed Code applications.
Public class GraphicsStream Contains a graphics data stream.


  Structure Description
Public structure Matrix Describes and manipulates a matrix.
Public structure Quaternion Describes a four-dimensional vector (x, y, z, w).
Public structure Vector2 Describes and manipulates a vector in two-dimensional (2-D) space.
Public structure Vector3 Describes and manipulates a vector in three-dimensional (3-D) space.
Public structure Vector4 Describes and manipulates a vector in four-dimensional (4-D) space.