How to: Download the Windows Communication Foundation Samples

The sample topics in this section contain descriptions of each sample and instructions on where to find the sample code. All samples are downloaded as a single self-extracting exe.

To download a sample

  1. Click the Download Sample link at the top of each sample topic. Note that this will install all of the WCF, WF, and Cardspace samples onto your machine. You will only need to do this once. Alternatively you can download all of the samples by clicking the following link Download Samples.

  2. Click Run in the File Download dialog to start the download.

    To save the .exe file for extracting the files later, click Save.

  3. Respond to the security clicking Run in the security warning dialog.

  4. Click OK in the WCF, WF, and Cardspace Samples dialog to continue.

  5. Specify a folder where the samples should be installed, or use the default path “C:\Samples\WCFWFCardSpace” and click Unzip. The samples will now be installed onto your machine.

  6. Click OK and Close.

    The sample files are saved to the path you specified. Each sample topic will give location of the sample it describes.

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