General Reference for the .NET Framework

This section contains reference information related to the .NET Framework.

In This Section


  • Overview of the .NET Framework
    Provides conceptual overviews of the key features of the .NET Framework, including the common language runtime, the .NET Framework class library, and cross-language interoperability.

  • .NET Framework Core Development
    Discusses fundamental development tasks and techniques, including how to create, configure, debug, and deploy your .NET Framework application.

  • .NET Framework Advanced Development
    Covers advanced programming topics such as add-ins and extensibility, administration and management, interoperability, reflection, remoting, serialization, and managed threading.

  • .NET Framework Samples
    Provides sample applications that demonstrate the features of .NET Framework technologies.

  • .NET Framework Tools
    Describes the tools that help you develop, configure, and deploy applications by using .NET Framework technologies.