.NET Compact Framework Portal

The Microsoft .NET Compact Framework is a hardware-independent environment that supports building and running managed applications on resource-constrained computing devices. The .NET Compact Framework inherits the full .NET Framework architecture of the common language runtime and managed code execution, supports a subset of the .NET Framework class library, and contains classes designed exclusively for the .NET Compact Framework. The .NET Compact Framework supports Visual Basic and Visual C# development, but does not currently support C++ development.


.NET Compact Framework application development is supported in Visual Studio 2008, but not in Visual Studio 2010. The topics listed below link to Visual Studio 2008 documentation. To develop applications for Windows Phone OS 7.0 using Visual Studio 2010, see Windows Phone Development and Silverlight for Windows Phone.

Supported devices include personal data assistants (PDAs) such as the pocket PC, mobile phones, set-top boxes, automotive computing devices, and Windows Embedded CE devices.

The documentation listed below is located in the "Development Tools and Languages" section of the MSDN Library.

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