ICorRuntimeHost Interface

Provides methods that enable the host to start and stop the common language runtime (CLR) explicitly, to create and configure application domains, to access the default domain, and to enumerate all domains running in the process.

In the .NET Framework version 2.0, this interface is superceded by ICLRRuntimeHost.




ICorRuntimeHost::CloseEnum Method

Resets a domain enumerator back to the beginning of the domain list.

ICorRuntimeHost::CreateDomain Method

Creates an application domain. The caller receives an interface pointer of type _AppDomain to an instance of type System.AppDomain.

ICorRuntimeHost::CreateDomainEx Method

Creates an application domain. This method allows the caller to pass an IAppDomainSetup instance to configure additional features of the returned _AppDomain instance.

ICorRuntimeHost::CreateDomainSetup Method

Gets an interface pointer of type IAppDomainSetup to an AppDomainSetup instance. IAppDomainSetup provides methods to configure aspects of an application domain before it is created.

ICorRuntimeHost::CreateEvidence Method

Gets an interface pointer of type IIdentity, which allows the host to create security evidence to pass to CreateDomain or CreateDomainEx.

ICorRuntimeHost::CreateLogicalThreadState Method

Do not use.

ICorRuntimeHost::CurrentDomain Method

Gets an interface pointer of type _AppDomain that represents the domain loaded on the current thread.

ICorRuntimeHost::DeleteLogicalThreadState Method

Do not use.

ICorRuntimeHost::EnumDomains Method

Gets an enumerator for the domains in the current process.

ICorRuntimeHost::GetConfiguration Method

Gets an object that allows the host to specify the callback configuration of the CLR.

ICorRuntimeHost::GetDefaultDomain Method

Gets an interface pointer of type _AppDomain that represents the default domain for the current process.

ICorRuntimeHost::LocksHeldByLogicalThread Method

Do not use.

ICorRuntimeHost::MapFile Method

Maps the specified file into memory. This method is obsolete.

ICorRuntimeHost::NextDomain Method

Gets an interface pointer to the next domain in the enumeration.

ICorRuntimeHost::Start Method

Starts the CLR.

ICorRuntimeHost::Stop Method

Stops the execution of code in the runtime for the current process.

ICorRuntimeHost::SwitchInLogicalThreadState Method

Do not use.

ICorRuntimeHost::SwitchOutLogicalThreadState Method

Do not use.

ICorRuntimeHost::UnloadDomain Method

Unloads the specified application domain from the current process.


Platforms: See .NET Framework System Requirements.

Header: MSCorEE.h

Library: Included as a resource in MSCorEE.dll

.NET Framework Versions: 1.0, 1.1

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