Analyzing Workflow Management Logs in Workflow Manager 1.0


Updated: July 9, 2012

The steps in this topic describe how to troubleshoot Workflow Manager 1.0 by examining workflow management logs.

Analyzing Workflow Management Logs

Follow these steps to examine workflow management logs.

  1. Open Event Viewer.

  2. Open the Applications and Services Logs node.

  3. Open the Microsoft-Workflow node.

  4. Examine the most recent Information, Warning, and Error events in the events pane.

    Workflow Server Event Logs

  5. If no relevant events appear, right-click in the event window and select View, Show Analytic and Debug Logs. Enable the analytic and debug logs and attempt to reproduce the problem.

    Showing workflow server debug events

  6. Enable the analytic and debug logs, reproduce the problem, and then review the captured events that describe the issue.