FormDataSource.displayOption Method

Sets the text color and the background color for a record in the data source.


public void displayOption(Common record, FormRowDisplayOption options)

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  • record
    Type: Common Table
    The record to display by using the specified options.
  • options
    Type: FormRowDisplayOption Class
    The FormRowDisplayOption object that encapsulates the desired record display properties.


This method is executed one time for each record before the record is displayed in a form.

The displayOption method can be overridden on a form data source. Right-click the Methods node under the data source, point to Override Method, and then click displayOption.


The following example overrides the displayOption method to set display options from a stored profile and to override the background color that is based on the settings for the particular record.

public void displayOption(Common _record, FormRowDisplayOption 
    JmgProfileTable profile; 
    profile = _record; 
    super(_record, _options); 

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