SDK Release History for V5.0.16

[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011]

This page contains the list of significant changes made to the SDK version 5.0.16, June 2013 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

New and updated topics Description of changes


Updated the readme for this version of the SDK package.

Active Directory and Claims-Based Authentication

Authenticate Office 365 Users with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Web Services



Updated these topics to remove the restriction on using the service proxy classes when authenticating with the Microsoft online services identity provider of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. You can now use these proxy classes with all deployment types and identity providers.



Added in Remarks that you can run the bulk delete job or bulk detect duplicates job daily or without recurrence.

Create, Export, or Import an Unmanaged Solution

Create, Install, and Update a Managed Solution

Added a note to these topics saying “Installing a solution can interfere with normal system operation. We recommend that you schedule solution imports when it’s least disruptive to users.”

Form XML Reference

The following FormXml elements have been updated to indicate that they are for internal use only: <ControlMode> (FormXml), <QuickFormRelationshipName> (FormXML), <QuickFormRelationshipRoleOrdinal> (FormXml), and <UniqueId> (FormXml). These elements are used only in a quick form, which is not customizable. These elements will be removed from the schema in the next major release.

Handle Exceptions in Plug-Ins

Clarified how plug-in exceptions are handled and where error message are written or displayed.

Introduction to Activity Feeds

Corrected the maximum number of characters in the posts created programmatically. The correct value is 2000 characters.

Introduction to Solutions

Added the Enterprise Solution Lifecycle Management section introducing the ALM for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011: CRM Solution Lifecycle Management white paper.

Open Forms, Views, Dialogs and Reports with a URL

Appended to an existing note to include:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM forms are not designed to be opened as dialogs using either showModalDialog or showModelessDialog.

Uninstall or Delete a Solution

Added an Access the Solutions List with a URL section.

What’s Changing in the Next Major Release

Added a new topic to provide information about what is changing in the next major release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Write Custom Code for Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook


Added a note that these methods cannot be used in a plug-in because they cause a UI interaction with the user. Attribute Methods

Added a missing getFormat return value: textarea.

Xrm.Page.ui Control Methods

Added a remark to the addCustomView method to show that this method does not work with Owner lookups.

Xrm.Utility Reference

Corrected an error for the openEntityForm method. This method returns a Boolean value rather than a window object.

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