Product discounting methods


Applies To: Dynamics CRM 2015

Discounts can be applied either at the line item level or at per unit level. Use the Organization.DiscountCalculationMethod attribute to specify the discount method. Set the value of the attribute to:

  • 0 for discounting at line item level

  • 1 for discounting at per unit level

You can also use the Sales tab in the system settings area in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook to specify the discount calculation method. More information: TechNet: Manage product catalog configuration

To illustrate the discounting model with an example, consider the following product line item entry in an opportunity:

Product Name

Price Per Unit



Extended Amount

Example Product





Extended Amount for the product line item entry is calculated depending on your selected discounting model:

  • Line item: The discount applied is 10, and the Extended Amount is 19990 ((Price Per Unit * Quantity) – discount applied).

  • Per unit: The discount applied is 2000 (Quantity * Discount), and the Extended Amount is 18000 ((Price Per Unit * Quantity) – discount applied).


If you upgrade from a previous version of CRM to the current version, by default the value of the Organization.DiscountCalculationMethod attribute is set to 0 (line item) to support the old discounting behavior where discounts could only be applied at the line level.

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