Publish an app


Applies To: Dynamics 365 (online), Dynamics 365 (on-premises)

Publish an app to make it available to users.

After you've added components, validated, and saved the app, on the command bar, click Publish. You can also publish the app from the app tile on the My Apps page. In the Apps Being Edited view, in the lower right corner of the app tile you want to publish, click the  More options button More Options button in the app designer, and then click Publish.

The app status changes to Published. You can see this in the top-right corner of the app designer. The app moves from the Apps Being Edited view to the Published Apps view, and the published date is shown on the app tile.


  • If your app has a validation error, you'll see the error on a notification bar. You won't be able to publish the app until you resolve the error.

  • You can't publish an app until you save it.

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