Create a unit group and add units to that group


Applies To: Dynamics 365 (online), Dynamics 365 (on-premises), Dynamics CRM 2013, Dynamics CRM 2015, Dynamics CRM Online, Dynamics CRM 2016

Units are the quantities or measurements that you sell your products or services in. For example, if you sell gardening supplies, you might sell seeds in units of packets, boxes, and pallets. A unit group is a collection of these different units.

In Dynamics 365, you first create a unit group and then create units within that group. Let’s look at both of these tasks, using seeds as our example.

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Step 1: Create a unit group

  1. Make sure that you have the Manager, Vice President, CEO-Business Manager, System Administrator, or System Customizer security role or equivalent permissions.

    Check your security role

    • Follow the steps in View your user profile.

    • Don’t have the correct permissions? Contact your system administrator.

  2. Go to Settings > Product Catalog.

  3. Choose Unit Groups.

  4. To create a new unit group, choose New.


    To edit a unit group, open a unit group from the list.

  5. Fill in your information:

    • Name. Type a meaningful name for the unit group. In our example, you would type “Seeds.”

    • Primary Unit. Type the lowest common unit of measure that the product will be sold in. In our example, you would type “packet.” Other examples could include ounces, hours, or tons, depending on your product or service.

      Shows how to create a unit group in Dynamics 365

  6. Choose OK.


You cannot delete the primary unit in a unit group.

Step 2: Create units in a unit group

  1. In the unit group you want to add the units to, in the left pane, under Common, choose Units, and then on the Units tab, in the Records group, choose Add New Unit.

    The unit that you specified as the primary unit earlier is already in the list of units.

  2. Fill in your information:

    1. Name. Type a meaningful name for the unit. In our example, you would type “box.”

    2. Quantity. Type the quantity that this unit will contain. For example, if a box contains 12 packets, you would type “12.”

    3. Base Unit. Select a base unit. The base unit will establish the lowest unit of measurement for the unit you’re creating. Using our example, you would select “packet.”

      If you then create a unit called “pallet,” and one pallet contains 48 boxes, you would type “48” in Quantity and select “box” in Base Unit.

    Here’s how:

    Create a unit in the unit group in Dynamics 365

    Creating a unit with a base unit in Dynamics 365

  3. Choose Save or Save and Close.

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